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The quickly become very popular in india due to their ease of use. Moreover, they are cool. I’ve not seen anyone that doesn’t like them. However, you have to choose between the functional ones and the ones that are just glorified toys. Before you rush out to order for a drone, there is something you need to know.

Drones have specifications and are designed for various job descriptions. You need to know what you need your drone for and look for a drone that has those features. Don’t just buy a drone because it seems like everyone in India is getting one, make your research to ensure you get the one that fully satisfies your need.

Best Drones Under 10,000                              In India 


  • Syma X5SC 2.4G 4 Channel 6 Quadcopter with HD Camera

If you are searching for an affordable entry-level drone in India, then I will suggest taking a look at this drone. Syma has done a good job with it. It measures only 12 inches long and the same inches wide. The height is 3 inches. Syma X5SC weighs only 2 pounds.

This drone is perfect for those looking for a drone for aerial photography or videography. It is super user-friendly and very easy to control with the remote control. The unit comes equipped with a camera. You can as well purchase it without a camera if you are looking at the cost. The package includes USB cable, the aircraft, AC adapter, the transmitter, USB memory stick, 2GB sd card, extra set of propellers. It also comes with a user manual.

No doubt, this drone will fully satisfy your need. It has a flight time of 6 to 10 minutes when the battery is fully charged. Charging the battery takes only 100 minutes.


  • Comes with HD camera
  • Anti-collision blade
  • 6-axis gyro stabilizer
  • Very fast and agile
  • Affordable
  • CONS: No GPS tracking


  • Kiditos Syma X5Hw Quadcopter



Once you get this drone, you will have no doubt that it is indeed one of the best drones in India. It comes equipped with the latest 6-axis flight control system and has more operating time than most quadcopters. It is perfect for those that love aerial photography or videography.

A special feature that comes with this drone is the Wi-Fi transmission that lets you view live pictures or videos on your phone. You can even share your screen with a friend. This quadcopter can do 3D degree flip roll. The flight time is 8 minutes and it can fly as high as 50 minutes. I will definitely recommend it for those looking for a sophisticated drone that comes at an affordable price. This is the best FPV drone in the market.


  • Affordable
  • Longer flight time
  • Agile and fast
  • Live streaming with Wi-Fi



  • SuperToy Drone Professional Quadcopter



The first thing that will impress you when you get this drone is the rugged design. However, beyond that is a high-performing drone with lots of functionalities. The drone is made from high-quality materials that are durable and can withstand shock and impact to the unit.

The drone can fly as high as 80 meters. SuperToy Drone Professional Quadcopter is equipped to fly fast. Since it doesn’t come with a camera, you may need to purchase one and mount on it. What set this drone apart from other drones that are sold for under 10,000 rupees in India is that it is sturdy and comes with a distinct design. You will definitely love the design and the performance. Don’t forget it is also very affordable.


  • Sturdy
  • Right size
  • Performs well
  • Affordable
  • Responsive to control
  • Drone is controllable


  • No Camera


  • Baybee Nano Lightning Quadcopter



A look at this drone shows that the manufacturer set out to create something unique and special. You will definitely love the design; it has four propellers that lift the drone as high as 25 meters.

It comes with all the features you would expect in a drone of this price range. You can charge it using the USB and control it with a remote control. It has capabilities for doing stunts in four directions, 3D rollover, 360 degrees spin, and even move front/back and sideways.

The drone can fly for as long as 8 minutes. Charging it is very easy. You just need to fix the USB to a power source and wait for only 40 minutes before it becomes fully charged. You will also like the color and design; it makes the entire unit stand out. If you are looking for a unique drone that comes at an affordable price, I will suggest you check this drone out. You won’t be disappointed.


  • Good design
  • Performs well
  • Affordable


  • No Camera


  • Syma X5SW Explorers2 2.4G 4CH 6-Axis Gyro RC Headless Quadcopter



Coming last on our list of best drones under 10,000 in India is one of my favorite drones. It is produced by one of the most trusted names in the manufacturing of drones. This headless drone competes as one of the best FPV drones in India today.

It is equipped with more scheduled flight, the latest 6-axis flight control systems, 3D lock and even an HD camera. This camera takes photos and videos while the drone is in the air and relays it to your phone, which is awesome.

Syma X5SW Explorers2 can fly as high as 50 meters; it has a flight time of about 5 to 8 minutes and weighs just 0.3kg. You will love everything about it. It performs well and the best part of it is that it comes at a very affordable price.


  • Has camera
  • Awesome design
  • Performs well
  • Comes with Wi-Fi capability

As you know here you can see all types  of Drones which come in range of under 10,000 that is very good. If you are interested in this page you can find all detail here.


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